Future Champions “Play the Turf” Summer Sizzler

  • Tournament Date
    Jul 12 - Jul 14 2024
  • Entry Fee
  • Stature
  • Age Groups
    10U - 18U
  • Admission


Tournament Division

Division Entry Fee Gate Fee Max Entries Teams

Event Ballparks

Venue Name Address Maps link
Future Champions Sports Complex 5 Kelly St, Jacksonville, IL, 62650 Open in Maps
Venue Name
Future Champions Sports Complex
5 Kelly St, Jacksonville, IL, 62650

Event Lodging

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Venue Name Address Dates Details
Future Champions Sports Complex 5 Kelly St, Jacksonville, IL, 62650 Jul 12-14 Find Hotels
Venue Name
Future Champions Sports Complex
5 Kelly St, Jacksonville, IL, 62650
Jul 12-14

Event Updates

Tournament Director

Future Swings 18u will play a 4th pool play game that only counts on their opponents record.

July 10, 2024 - 02:34am

Tournament Director

Future Champions Sports Complex

Facility Rules & Policies

(10u-18u Girls)

 No carry-in coolers, food, or beverages allowed anywhere at Future
Champions Sports Complex. Please support our full concession stand. Team
 water coolers for the dugout and individual water jugs for players will
 be allowed to be brought into the park.

 We do have bleachers available on all of our fields, and there are also
 areas for lawn chairs on all fields. Covered tents are also allowed.

3) All fields have electronic scoreboards to be run on a volunteer basis. Operating instructions are posted behind home plate.

 Please have your parents and players help retrieve foul balls. On Field
 #6 no one can retrieve foul balls on the railroad tracks except

5) Sorry pets are NOT allowed at Future Champions Sports Complex.

6) No smoking allowed at Future Champions Sports Complex.

7) Please clean up dugouts after each game (no sunflower seeds or peanuts allowed).

 We do have 5 full size batting cages on site at Future Champions Sports
 Complex, and there should be plenty of batting cage availability for
teams before tournament games.

9) Game results will be posted on the front page of our website at www.futurechampionssportscomplex.com,
 and on the USSSA website. The live tournament standings/results
documents will be updated in real time throughout the tournament as the
final scores come in.

 We do not use a weather hotline number at Future Champions, any weather
 situations to report like rain delays or lightning delays will also be
posted right on the front page of our website at www.futurechampionssportscomplex.com.

 Admission fee for a 1 day pass is $7 per adult age 13+, $5 per child
age 6-12. Admission fee for a weekend pass is $15 per adult age 13+, $12
 per child age 6-12. All children age 5 and under are FREE, all players
and three coaches per team are FREE.


Future Champions Sports Complex

“Play the Turf” Tournament Rules

(10u-18u Girls)

1) All girls softball events will be governed by USSSA PLAYING RULES 

 All softball pool play games will have a 65 minute time limit, and all
softball bracket play games will have a 75 minute time limit. Innings
can be finished after the time limit expires, but a new inning may not
start after the time limit elapses. For time limit purposes the timer
begins on the first warmup pitch of the game, and a new inning
officially starts when the last out of the previous inning is made. If
the time limit expires in the bottom of an inning and the home team is
winning, the game will end at expiration.

 All softball games will be 7 innings or time limit, with mercy rules
of: 12 runs after 3 innings, 10 runs after 4 innings, 8 runs after 5
innings for all age groups.

 In all pool play games the home team is decided by coin flip. In
bracket play the higher seeded team has the choice of being home or

 In pool play if the game is tied after time limit, the game ends in
tie. Extra innings in pool play will continue only if the time limit has
 not been reached.

 In bracket play if the game is still tied after time limit, we will use
 the International Tiebreaker rule. The next inning will start with a
runner on 2nd base and nobody out. The runner on 2nd base will be the
last out from the previous inning. If a second extra inning is needed we
 will start with runners on 2nd and 3rd and nobody out. This process
will continue each half inning thereafter until a winner is determined.

 We reserve the right to alter the tournament schedule, time limits, or
run rules if needed due to weather or other conditions out of our
control. Seven inning games are official after 4 innings or 3.5 if home
team is winning. Suspended games will be resumed at the point where the
game was halted.

8) Team rosters must be online thru the USSSA website,
 and players must have a signed waiver online from their guardian. If at
 any time a player on your team is called into question and that player
is not on your online roster, your team will forfeit the game. Per the
USSSA IL State Office we can not make exceptions to this rule for any
team, that game would be scored 7-0 in favor of your opponent.

9) Please see the attached link for GUEST PLAYER INFO.
 All guest players must be entered no later than 4 hours prior to the
start of the tournament (the first game of the event, NOT your team’s
first game).

 A minimum of 8 players is needed to start and finish a game, if playing
 with 8 players at any time an automatic out must be taken.

 Teams will be allowed to bat their entire roster in pool play and
bracket play. It is the coaches responsibility to submit a lineup card
to the home plate umpire prior to each game. Lineup cards must have
first name, last name, uniform #, and position. If a team is batting
their entire roster and a player ends up getting sick or injured, they
will be required to take an out every time the injured player’s spot
comes up in the batting order.


 Courtesy runners for the pitcher or catcher are allowed at any time.
Courtesy runner is a valid substitute if available, if a team is batting
 their entire roster the courtesy runner is the last completed at bat.
The same courtesy runner can not be used for both the pitcher and
catcher in the same half inning. If an incorrect courtesy runner is
discovered on base, the runner will be out and the head coach will be
issued a warning.


 All teams must be warmed up and ready to play 20 minutes prior to the
start of their scheduled game. Games may start early if your scheduled
field is open and umpires are ready. 

 Teams may have a brief time period to warm up in the outfield and on
their side of the infield prior to games. There is not full infield
before games, but you can take ground balls on your appropriate side of
the field before the game.

15) The designated home team will keep the official scorebook for tournament games.

 The umpires will have the game card for tournament games. Head coaches
from each team must sign the game cards after each game. Please make
sure that the score is correct on the card before signing. The umpire
will turn in the game card to the tournament director.

 By USSSA rule, a coach has the right to protest a rule interpretation
or player eligibility. The protest fee is 100$ and is refundable only if
 the protest is upheld by the tournament director.


1) Winning Percentage - Descending

2) Tied Teams (vs. each other) Winning Percentage - Descending (not valid if all tied teams have not played each other)

3) Average Runs Allowed - Ascending

4) Average Run Differential with a maximum of (8) - Descending

5) USSSA Rankings Points - Descending

6) Date Team Entered USSSA Database


July 10, 2024 - 02:33am


For more information in regards to this event, please contact:


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